To create a perfect seal by joining two materials together, many industries rely upon radiofrequency (RF) welding or heat sealing processes. Utilized in military, medical, manufacturing, or industrial production, heat sealing or RF welding ensures the strength of a bond between two materials.

What are RF Welding and Heat Sealing?

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Using electromagnetic energy, RF welding fuses two materials to create an electric field, causing the oscillation of polar molecules until they align. As these polar molecules oscillate, they release heat energy, which causes the materials to fuse. RF welding requires no external heat, depending only upon pressure to guarantee a perfect seal. Unlike RF welding, heat sealing uses an external heat source to facilitate material fusion.

When choosing the right method for a project, this key difference is often the primary determiner. Other important considerations, such as the material used, the size of the project, the shape, the volume of work, the strength of the seam, and any required custom applications also matter in making the decision between RF welding and heat sealing.

Advantages of RF Welding and Heat Sealing

As distinct processes, both RF welding and heat sealing offer different advantages to regard for a specific application. The benefits of RF welding include:

  • Better control over thin materials
  • Fast material heating
  • Safe handling
  • Enhances seal, both in appearance and bond strength
  • Keeps shape immediately after seal
  • Accommodates for tight dimensional tolerances, when necessary
  • Works well for products which require tube or port welds
  • Suits small or moderately sized products
  • Fits large-quantity production models

Heat sealing may be appropriate when:

  • Welding thick materials
  • Using a closed chamber or a tube-type construction
  • Requiring complex configurations
  • Forming large, curved constructions
  • Welding large or oversized projects

Though the unique project, material, size, or quantity ultimately determines whether to use RF welding or heat sealing, both processes deliver high-quality fused products.

RF Welding Materials and Products from Carolina CoverTech

As leaders in the RF welding industry, Carolina CoverTech delivers high-quality products suited to your business needs. With the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment in-house, our one-of-kind machinery meets the challenging demands of many industries. We work with a wide array of materials, giving your business great flexibility when selecting the right one for the job. At Carolina CoverTech, materials we weld include:

  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl films
  • Vinyl-coated polyester
  • Vinyl-coated nylon
  • Urethane
  • Urethane films
  • Urethane-coated polyester
  • Urethane-coated nylon

Our innovative and technologically advanced machines allow for endless possibilities. As a company, we enjoy the challenge of experimenting with new materials. If you would like to use a material not referenced in the list, feel free to send us a sample. We look forward to the challenge and will work diligently to meet your requests.

With extensive expertise welding diverse materials, Carolina CoverTech can develop a wide range of products for your business, such as:

  • Berms
  • Spill containment and diversion
  • Recreational vehicle covers
  • Liners
  • Tarps
  • Bladders
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial containers & Duratarp
  • Inflatables
  • Bags (canvas, polyethylene, vinyl)
  • Camping equipment and supplies
  • Curtains
  • Roll-up doors
  • Enclosures

No matter the project, Carolina CoverTech works with you to deliver a product suited specifically to your business needs.

Leaders in RF Welding and Heat Sealing

At Carolina CoverTech, we continue to innovate and develop RF welding and heat sealing processes. With over 150 years of experience engineering optimized products, our team maintains a commitment creating products which add security, value, protection, function, or improvement to everyday life. As leaders in the RF welding industry, we pride ourselves in tackling new challenges and overcoming obstacles in production, as well as making the highest-quality products that can be mass-produced.

Curious about the solutions and services we provide? Take a look at our brochure to learn more about Carolina CoverTech. Should you have any questions about RF welding or heating, or you would like to discuss how Carolina CoverTech might be right for your business, contact us today!

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