Providing a Better Portable Storage Solution

  • All-Weather Protection
  • Custom-Made to Exact Specifications
  • Reduce Startup & Operation Costs
  • Quick & Easy to Reuse with Forklift Straps
  • Custom Printing Provides Excellent Branding Opportunity
  • Easy Repair Helps Extend Life

DuraTarps by Carolina CoverTech provide all-weather protection for portable storage containers through the use of state of the art materials and construction. DuraTarps are designed to be quickly and easily positioned over the top of portable storage containers through the use of a lift frame and forklift. This combination makes it easy for one person to position the DuraTarps over any portable storage container in a matter of minutes. Once properly positioned, the DuraTarps are made weather-proof by a quick seal of the industrial grade hook and loop fastening system.

DuraTarps are placed over any portable storage container by utilizing a unique lift frame designed specifically for DuraTarps, making it easy for one person or a team to rapidly deploy. DuraTarps are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure proper fit and protection every time.

DuraTarps provide an excellent branding and marketing opportunity through the use of a durable, Stay-Brite coated vinyl that enables full color graphics to be placed on each side of DuraTarps. Information, such as website addresses and telephone numbers, can be printed directly onto the DuraTarps providing a unique opportunity to reach new customers by providing hundreds of visual impressions per mile.

DuraTarps are custom made to desired specifications from state of the art, industrial strength material providing optimal weather-proofing and durability. Repair and restoration services are available to extend and maximize the life of each DuraTarps.

DuraTarps Custom Portable Storage Covers DuraTarp Custom Logo Covers for Portable Storage Containers

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