Carolina Covertech is an EOS process-driven manufacturer of technical fabric products that
cover, protect, contain, and enclose.  We produce a comprehensive array of products including
OEM covers for golf cars and ground service equipment, environmental spill protection,
blackout curtains for school safety to name a few.

We are predominately a converter of roll goods to finished sewn and sealed products.
Computer controlled cutters, RF Welders and sewing machines are the primary fabrication
equipment employed.

We have experienced healthy double-digit growth in both revenue and profit for the last 4
years and expect this upward trend to continue.

Our mission at Carolina Covertech is To Make Life Better for our customers, team members,
trade-partners, and the community in which we serve. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, as well
as opportunities for professional growth and development.

We are currently seeking the following dedicated and experienced professionals to join our team:


Heat Sealing

CoverTech Team Photo

Spill Containment Berm

Vinyl Seat Upholstering

Our Mission

We will make life better for our customers by creating optimized products that cover, protect, contain, and enclose through our innovative design and development process.

Make Life Better

AWESOME COMES STANDARD – Expect excellence of yourself & your work. Every single day.

Customer Centered
CUSTOMER FIRST – Know the business impact of your decisions. How it affects our customer

STAY CURIOUS – Seek out solutions that improve our performance, Set high standards.

Own Selflessly
TAKE OWNERSHIP – The work and the team come first. Be willing to jump in and out as needed

MAKE ETHICAL DECISIONS – Support each other, promote well-being, be a servant leader.

Since 1858

250+ companies
12,000+ products
162 years

Our legacy of commitment to our core values and serving our partners to the best of our abilities began six generations ago. We seek to honor God, our partners, and our teammates to the best of our abilities. We will try our hardest, work our smartest, and always give our best.

To learn more about our vision, mission, and values, please click here.