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Why You Need Blackout Shades

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Why You Need Blackout Shades

Custom blackout window shades are one of the most effective means of blocking light, insulating a window, and maintaining a cool and private interior environment. For their contribution to safety and confidentiality, many people refer to blackout curtains as safety-first window shades. We’ll explore the benefits of blackout shades and how they enhance energy efficiency, boost worker productivity, and make an interior environment safer during an emergency.

Privacy and Security of Blackout Shades

Custom blackout window shades are a simple and immediate security and privacy upgrade for schools, government offices, medical buildings, and any other location that deals routinely with sensitive information. Along with providing physical obstruction to unwanted attention, blackout shades create a stronger sense of comfort and security for both employees and clients or visitors. They also dampen noise and contribute to a quieter environment, all while enhancing a room’s insulation.

Energy-Efficient Blackout Shades

Blackout window shades have the collateral benefit of lowering energy costs by blocking out significant amounts of solar heat and light, insulating the interior area during hot, summer months. This can improve HVAC system performance and reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility costs and factory emissions.

Energy savings are also present during cold months when properly applied blackout shades can cut heat loss through windows by over 40%, which often results in a 10% reduction in heating costs. Thus, blackout window shades can contribute to the overall energy reduction needs of large structures, such as schools, medical facilities, government buildings, and various private businesses.

Creates a Comfortable and Productive Work Environment

Custom blackout window shades can improve workplace productivity and comfort in the following ways:

  • Blocking unwanted or excessive light
  • Preventing light seepage around the window edges
  • Reducing screen glare, which causes eye strain and fatigue
  • Making the work environment appear more pleasant and self-contained
  • Regulating a work environment’s temperature
  • Increasing energy savings while reducing HVAC system wear and tear
  • Creating privacy when needed

Additionally, blackout/safety-first window shades are easy to install for any window configuration. By choosing custom blackout window shades, you’ll ensure greater product effectiveness and light/heat-blocking capability.

Custom Blackout Shades from Carolina Covertech

For maximum effect, custom blackout window shades ensure the perfect fit around any window shape, resulting in more effective light- and heat-blocking functionality. At Carolina Covertech, we’ve ensured our blackout shades are easy to install and quick to deploy, so you can trust them in times of emergency.

We’ve been providing innovative covering and containment products using robust, yet flexible materials since 1858. That includes immense experience discovering which window shade materials and designs achieve the highest insulation and darkening effects. Because the correct size and fit are critical factors to ensuring full light blockage, we specialize in easy to install and quick to deploy custom blackout shades guaranteed to cover the length and width of the window.

Providing full coverage to the largest windows may require two or more tightly connected curtains made of heavy, thick material, creating solid overlap and minimizing any cracks or openings between the materials’ edges. To learn more about our safety-first window shades and how to achieve total window blackout, contact us, and tell Carolina Covertech’s covering and enclosure experts about your room darkening needs.