Vinyl PPE Partitions From Carolina CoverTech

Panel partitions create an extra layer of protection between people without interrupting their ability to see and hear each other. They can be used to separate customers from employees in grocery and retail stores, banks, pharmacies, and medical offices. In restaurants, PPE partitions can be placed between tables to provide more protection for diners. Schools use them as a barrier between desks, which allows students to be close enough to work together without placing them at increased risk of exposure.

In manufacturing facilities, vinyl partitions can divide work stations or create a layer of protection between employees who have to work in proximity to one another. In waiting areas or anywhere a line tends to form, thoughtfully placed partitions can help people keep their distance and form organized queues. They can be placed to discourage congregation in areas where people tend to gather, such as around a coffee machine or in the washroom.

PPE partitions are a simple way to protect your employees and create more peace of mind for everyone in your building.

us flagCarolina Covertech partitions are Proudly Made in the USA

Our vinyl partitions are made in the USA and offer a range of benefits:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage when not in use—no tools or special skills required.
  • Made of clear vinyl, so visibility and communication are unhindered.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize multiple times a day. Some businesses disinfect them between every customer.
  • Strong and durable with PVC framework—they won’t come down until you take them down.
  • Easy to configure to create a good fit, no matter what type of desk or counter you’re putting them on or around. Use single or double panels, an L-shape or triangle, or a four-corners configuration.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.

The COVID-19 impact on schools, banks, restaurants, and retail stores cannot be overstated. Not only have these places had to wait for approval to reopen based on government phased reopening guidelines, but they’ve also had to limit capacity, restrict and manage traffic flow, increase their cleaning protocols, and set up vinyl partitions at counters and registers.

The pandemic has forced nearly every business to pivot. Some had to figure out how to stay open or reopen while others had to meet new demand for products and services. Carolina CoverTech was fortunate to continue serving our clients throughout the pandemic, and we saw an opportunity to use our facilities and technology to produce disposable isolation gowns when hospitals were in desperate need for them.

In the midst of so much uncertainty, schools and businesses need simple, affordable, and often creative solutions to manage the challenges they’re facing. Today, we’re seeing a new need emerge that we can meet: vinyl partitions for desks and counters to provide a protective barrier between students or employees and customers.

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Carolina CoverTech is proud to supply vinyl partitions and disposable isolation gowns for your COVID-19 safety needs, along with our regular heat sealing, industrial sewing, rigid to flexible conversions, and product development services.

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