Providing 71 jobs with an estimated $3.5 million annual economic impact for the North Augusta, Edgefield, Aiken, CSRA communities.

On August 20th, local family-owned company, Carolina CoverTech, broke new ground for their 8,000 sq ft addition. Congressman Duncan from the SC 3rd district joined as owners, brothers Rian True and Lee Jones, broke ground along with their 80 year old father, Skip, whom they purchased the company from years ago.

Carolina CoverTech has been hand-crafting quality products that cover, protect, contain, and enclose since 1858. Products created in North Augusta, SC by Carolina CoverTech have shipped world-wide, including to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. CoverTech has partnered with over 250 U.S. companies to create over 12,000 different products. On any given day, there can be as many as a dozen different products being manufactured within CoverTech’s facility.

Under the leadership of brothers Rian True and Lee Jones, Carolina CoverTech has grown annual revenues by 1,000% as of this past fiscal year. On Wednesday, August 20th, the CoverTech team along with Congressman Duncan and other area business leaders celebrated the groundbreaking of CoverTech’s new 8,000 square foot addition to their existing facility that will help them meet current demands and grow into other emerging markets. CoverTech has a strategic growth plan to add an additional 10 jobs within the next 150 days as part of their journey to grow revenues by 35% by the end of their current fiscal year.

A major contributor to CoverTech’s growth is the expansion of domestic oil and gas fracking. Having visited the drilling sites many times, True says, “The biggest part of our growth is due to the fracking industry all over the country. Our biggest customers are in Texas; we make these products for them. One of the huge things for them is to be clean and safe. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with the drilling, and we’ve all seen the complaints.

“Having been there, I can tell you they are very, very safe above and below the ground. It benefits us, because they utilize a lot of our products. It’s going to increase our building by about 50 percent and allow us to make more of those products.”

As a contract manufacturer, CoverTech specializes in the creative design, development, and manufacturing of products that cover, protect, contain, and enclose. Their portfolio of products includes custom crafted covers, golf cart accessories, medical devices, protective gear, rescue equipment, and spill containers. They have grown a reputation of being the, “go-to guys that can create anything.” Their creative vision and century plus of experience allows them to help companies and individuals create and manufacture products that others simply dismiss as impossible — all right here in North Augusta, SC.

  • Expecting to add 10 more jobs over the next 150 days.
  • Manufactures products that ship world-wide.
  • Manufactures a product used by professional athletes — Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and over 200 Olympic Athletes.
  • Manufactures products that help keep communities clean.
  • 156 Years of serving their partners, team members, and community.

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CoverTech Groundbreaking

CoverTech Groundbreaking

CoverTech Groundbreaking

CoverTech Groundbreaking

CoverTech Groundbreaking

CoverTech Groundbreaking

CoverTech Groundbreaking

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