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Below you'll find a list of products we have developed for various industries. If you'd like to learn more about any given product, please give us a call at (800) 763-0243!

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Custom Covers

Custom Covers

We custom design all types of covers to meet your specific needs. Our covers proide proide protection from all weather and sun damage. No matter your need, we can develop a custom cover to meet your needs. Customization and optional accessories are available limited only to your imagination.

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Custom Golf Cart Accessories

Golf Cart Accessories

We design and produce golf cart accessories for E-Z-GO, Club Car and Yamaha golf carts. Our specialties include rear bag covers, car covers, enclosures, Tonneau covers, seats and more.

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Custom DuraTarp Portable Storage Unit Cover


DuraTarps are developed specifically for the portable storage unit industry. Our DuraTarps are made from state of the art materials and construction for maximum tarp life. Durable Sta-Brite Print-on-Fabric System minimizes damage from wind, sun and handling. WeatherGard finish resists dirt buildup and reduces cleaning costs. Graphic and repair services available. Custom Sizes. Custom Grommet Spacing. Manufactured to meet exact specifications provided by customer. D-rings available.

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Environmental Spill Containment

Environmental Containment

We are able to conceptualize, design and manufacture custom environmental containment products made of geomembrane materials resistant to hydrocarbons and chemicals. From floating in tank separation units, to water filled tubes for flow diversion, we build various products to suit the latest environmentally friendly applications. Accessories may be added to meet your needs. We will work with you to develop the best product specifications for your application.

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Heat Seal Poly Bag Codman

Poly Bag Heart Blood Flow Emulation

Codman, a Johnson & Johnson family company, reached out to us to help them with a unique project — they wanted a way to emulate the flow of the blood through the human heart to use as an educational demo. Using heat sealing and a custom die, we are able to press a poly bag that is liquid tight. For the demonstration, colored water is slowly poured into the opening at the top, flows through the "heart," and empties through the bottom.

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Custom Industrial Strength Vinyl Tubing

Vinyl Tubing

Our industrial strength vinyl tubing is custom designed for any application. The tubing is rated to be air or liquid filled and is made from a strong, durable material. We will work with you to produce a product to meet your specific specifications in terms of strength, length, diameter, and more.

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Custom Filtered and Non-Filtered Plastic Blags

Plastic Bags

We design and manufacture custom filtered and non filtered plastic bags using various films to meet plant and industry requirements. Our bags can be made in a range of sizes. They are particularly useful for containing hazardous or waste materials. Accessories may be added to fit your specific application.

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Industrial Containment Containers

Industrial Containment

We manufacture industrial containers to meet your needs. These containers are often used to hold, transport, or store industrial related products and materials. Size and shape is based on what type of item you want to contain and quantity or size. We will work with you to select the best material and accessories for your container.

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Custom Containment Bladders


We will work with you to design and produce a bladder to meet your specifications. We manufacture bladders using heat sealing and a variety of materials to meet your specific needs. These bladders are resistant to many materials and cannot be penetrated by water. Many also include valves or hoses for certain applications. Our range of high rated materials allows us to produce bladders for many purposes including containment, storm water sealing, and switch activation.

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Custom Cable Reel Covers

Cable Reel Covers

Our custom cable reel covers give you the ability to safeguard your product and investment. The use of a reel cover prevents mess and damage caused by weather worn reels and prevent the loss of time and resources that it takes to deal with the mess caused by weather worn reels. Our covers are made from weather proof vinyl coated polyester. We can imprint your company's logo and contact information on each cover giving you a unique opportunity to promote your company.

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